Autographe SA

Specialised car fit-out company, Autographe SA has recently upgraded the lighting at its 26,000m² factory in Wavre, Belgium and installed a combination of Sylvania’s energy efficient Fast Trunking System (FTS) and Sylproof waterproof luminaires. The new lighting scheme is reducing running costs for the company as well as ensuring they have optimum light levels for their detailed and skilled work.

The company has been fitting-out commercial and emergency vehicles such as police cars, ambulances and fire trucks since 1975 and is the market leader in Belgium. It is primarily a family business, where staff welfare and comfort is a top priority. The management, today comprising Bernard de Saint Hubert and his two sons, Mathieu and Renaud, is convinced that the basis of the company’s success is linked to the professionalism and attention to detail of the staff. For over 40 years, Autographe has been run on two key principles: flexibility and professionalism. From single vehicles right through to mass production, Autographe delivers more than 1200 vehicles a year.


Cost Saving

Reduced running costs for the company

Improved Environment

Required light levels achieved for a safe and productive environment

Light Levels

Required light levels of a minimum of 750 lux to guarantee the quality of the work

Products Used