Ocullo LED

    • The Ocullo LED is `the’ solution for lighting in retail whether it is for display lighting or wider general lighting
    • With lumen packages ranging from 3,000lm to 4,000lm the Ocullo provides the quantity of light necessary to effectively illuminate a retail space (replacing a 35W and 50W HID lamp)
    • With 90 CRI across the entire range as standard, Ocullo provides brilliant quality of light thereby providing true expressions of colour
    • With the utilisation of the specially designed sparkle ring, the Ocullo LED can effectively replicate the sparkle effect observed with traditional HID solutions and with effective thermal management, the Ocullo can deliver high quality light at a very low wattage
    • The Ocullo LED is available in Mono (Round and Square), Duo and Trio versions. It is offered with a host of beam angle accessories ensuring you have full freedom and flexibility in the lighting of the end user space

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