Sylvania, your complete solution for horticulture projects

At Sylvania we are able to offer you a complete solution for all of your horticulture projects. Following the invention of the world's first light sources for plant growth in 1962.

Plant growers need flexibility from their horticultural lighting systems to meet plant growth growth needs and to maximise yields.


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Why Gro-Lux®?

Gro-Lux® LED is a plant growth lighting solution
This plant growth lighting system produces the proper balance of blue, red and deep red energy needed for optimal plant growth, and maximises output in these areas. The system is designed to provide this energy for plants, and for no other purpose.

Taking into account the plant growers needs from their lighting systems in terms of flexibility, our Gro-Lux® LED lighting system delivers a high Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) efficacy, while allowing you to adapt the lighting system to the individual needs of the plantation, which reduces energy costs by nearly 40%.

In addition to requiring the proper light colour, plants also require different quantities or intensities of light. The Gro-Lux® LED lighting system is able to replicate the correct lighting conditions needed for plants commonly grown outside, while promoting many other plant responses such as seed germination, seedling and flowering.


For most types of installation, from small greenhouse facilities to large scale installations or for indoor farming projects , the modularity of our Gro-Lux® LED solution will cover your needs.

At Sylvania we have maintained a passion for excellence within this sector and our selection of horticultural lighting solutions has something to offer the cultivator whether you are large or small.