Bahía Sur shopping centre in Cádiz

This refurbishment has resulted in energy savings of 60% due to the low consumption of the new LED luminaire. In addition, as Signo has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, the maintenance costs of replacing the luminaires were reduced.

The so-called “fourth generation” shopping centre complex, Bahía Sur shopping centre, integrates fully operating commercial, recreational and leisure, sports and residential facilities in tourism.
Since its opening in 1992 it has become the nerve centre of the Association of Municipalities of Bahia, which serves all populations across Arch Bay and the Sierra de Cádiz and Cádiz, Puerto Real, Chiclana, Puerto de Santa María, San Fernando, Conil, Rota and Jerez, among others. It has expanded its offering with a dining area where guests can enjoy the breath-taking views of the Bay of Cádiz while sampling the local cuisine.


Key Benefits


Energy Savings

Energy savings of 60% have been achieved due to the low consumption of the new LED

Improved quality of Light

The new lighting makes the shopping experience pleasant for visitors

Keeping the shops as the focus

The lighting in public areas has been improved without impacting on the characteristics of each store

Products Used

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