East Restaurant in Kazakhstan

EAST Restaurant, one of the most exclusive Pan-Asian restaurants in the magnificent and trend-setting Esentai Mall in Kazakhstan, is shining brightly thanks to an innovative lighting scheme from Feilo Sylvania

A combination of Concord Beacon Muse spotlights and Lumiance Lumistrip RGB are the key ingredients in a bold and vibrant lighting scheme at EAST restaurant creating a visually-stunning statement. The architectural concept of EAST restaurant’s interior is a river flowing into the ocean and everything from the ceiling to the walls displays this smooth transition.



DSC_0023 2.png (1)


The new lighting scheme seamlessly integrates with the unique interior décor
DSC_0055 2.png (1)


The colour changing aspect of the lighting allows the restaurant to change the mood easily
DSC_0032.png (1)

Flexibile and creative

These luminaires help in establishing the perfect ambience and focus points to illuminate the restaurant.

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