How APIs and Connected Services are changing the role of lighting in intelligent buildings

Intelligent lighting solutions can create and gather a wealth of data about the building. From highly granular occupancy data to per-device telemetry, and all the way to gathering environmental and location data, lighting powered by Qualified Bluetooth mesh can become the digital backbone of the building and help you unlock your intelligent building.

Discover how Silvair and Sylvania Lighting are revolutionising how we deploy intelligent lighting, facilitate exceptional energy savings, and deliver highly optimised light for great occupant comfort. Building on this strong foundation, we will show you how, with little additional effort, we can harness the power and flexibility of Applications Programming Interfaces (API) to create rich data insights from across your building and pave the way to new opportunities.

Learn about the APIs that allow you to access the data from the Bluetooth mesh lighting networks in real time, connect these networks with other building automation and management (BMS) systems, and build completely new applications on top of them.

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Webinar Details:

Webinar length: 60 mins with Q&A

Speakers: Ewa Spohn (Silvair) & Edward Lees (Sylvania Lighting)

Ewa Spohn

Product Manager Silvair

Ewa Spohn heads up product management for Silvair's commissioning tools and connected services, and has extensive experience in supporting our partners in implementing the Silvair software in their products and projects. Ewa believes open and interoperable standards are necessary for the promise of smart buildings to be realised, and that access to data is key. She is always on the lookout for new use cases and thinking about how the Silvair public APIs could address them.

Edward Lees

Head of Technical Product Development – Digital Solutions & Services Sylvania

Edward has over 15 years of lighting experience from traditional light sources and luminaires, to cutting edge IOT device/system development and professional smart lighting market implementations. Previously in a wide range of product management roles at international and global levels, Edward is now responsible for all Digital Solution product developments and Smart Lighting R&D Teams at Sylvania Lighting including its 3 Smart Lighting Innovation Centres (SLIC).

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