DeltaWing - Electronic

    • 28W - 54W low profile surface diffuser luminaires
    • Sleek luminaire, incorporating a shallow designed steel gear tray with side emitting diffuser optics
    • Available in single or twin T5 versions
    • Smooth Polycarbonate extruded diffusers provide high efficiency, while minimising glare
    • Internal reflector ensures components are hidden from view
    • Integrated Microwave sensors mounted discretely behind the diffuser helps further reduce energy and maintenance bills
    • DALI Dimmable and 3 hour emergency versions available as standard
    • Microwave features:
    • Dual adjustable sensitivities (on and off)
    • Wide detection area (see diagram below)
    • Uses microwave technology for better detection
    • IR handset for override-on/off and sensitivity adjustment
    • Multi-luminaire grouped control options available on request

DeltaWing - Electronic Produkte:

Produktcode Produktname Technologie Leistungsaufnahme gesamt (W) Farbtemperatur (K) Leuchtenlichtstrom (lm)
3044660 DELTAWING PRO IP44 128 EB 830 Fluorescent 32 3000 2455
3044664 DELTAWING PRO IP44 228 EB 830 Fluorescent 64 3000 3960