ToLEDo Retro Candle Bent-tip

    • Innovative LED filament bent-tip range with omnidirectional light distribution and sparkling light effect and up to 90% more energy efficient compared to traditional incandescent and halogen lamps. Lumen output: 250lm
    • 15,000 hours average rated life
    • 3 years warranty.
    • Perfect for decorative and general lighting applications and creates a warm ambience similar to traditional lamps
    • Similar look and construction as incandescent lamps
    • Suitable for replacement of 25W incandescent candle lamps
    • Dimensionally identical to incandescent lamps - fits all fixtures
    • Non-Dimmable

ToLEDo Retro Candle Bent-tip Produkte:

Produktcode Produktname
0029485 ToLEDo RT Candle BT V5 CL 250LM 827 E14 SL

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