• ToLEDo™ Mirage is a new and differentiated offering from Sylvania for the hospitality and residential segment.
    • With an innovative and patented design, ToLEDo™ Mirage recreates the same optical effect as incandescent multifilament lamps.
    • The lamp design exudes class and premium quality and enhances the ambience, both in ON/OFF mode, giving a completely new dimension to lamp design and application.
    • ToLEDo™ Mirage is available in eight different shapes – ST64, G120, G200, A165, T45, T60 and E115 and with a lumen package of up to 125lm.
    • The low power consumption and the 25,000 hours of average rated life make this range an ideal solution for decorative and mood lighting application, especially living rooms, lobbies, restaurants, bars, hotels, heritage buildings etc.

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