• Concord Equinox is an elegant and innovative luminaire designed using the latest optical technology.
    • It is a high quality and efficient lighting solution for office, hospitality, and retail environments.
    • Using Quarkstar’s award- winning system of light refraction, Equinox provides functional down lighting with a simultaneous upper lighting. This creates a halo backlight which improves the ambience and avoids the dark, cave-like effect.
    • Furthermore it also lowers the contrast which would otherwise result in discomfort glare.
    • The halo effect can be regulated with a unique adjustable optic system which helps to create your the desirable lighting effects.
    • The beautiful luminaire offers trim and trimpless design options, low glare of UGR<19, high efficiency of up to 125lm/W with CRI90 LED chips for excellent colour rendering.
    • The ability to minimise dark ceilings, entirely changing the ambience of a room , whilst beautifully illuminating the space, is unique to Equinox and is a game-changer for the lighting industry.

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