Sylveo RGBW

    • RGBW LED floodlight for colourful architectural lighting
    • Built in stand alone mode (static colours or 2 dynamic effects)
    • Operation with any standard DMX-512 controller
    • Comes complete with an adjustable bracket for mounting

Sylveo RGBW Prodotti:

Codice Prodotto Nome Del Prodotto Tecnologia Potenza totale (W) Temperatura di colore (K) Fixture luminous flux (lm)
0048015 Sylveo RGBW IP66 30W ASYM SIL LED 30 - 1450
0048017 Sylveo RGBW IP66 100W ASYM SIL LED 100 - 4850
0048018 Sylveo RGBW IP66 170W ASYM SIL LED 170 - 8300

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