• LED replacement for compact fluorescent Lynx-D lamps
    • 30,000 hours average rated life (L70 F50)
    • 3 years warranty
    • Quick, simple and safe replacement without rewiring
    • Direct retrofit – easiest way to upgrade existing luminaires to LED technology
    • Suitable for magnetic ballast/CCG and direct mains 220-240V AC operation
    • Glass construction, similar to the traditional compact fluorescent lamp
    • Ideal for commercial and residential applications including offices, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, supermarkets, corridors, in addition to living rooms, kitchens and garages
    • Not suitable for operation with electronic ballast/ECG operation

ToLEDo LYNX D Produits:

Code du produit Nom du produit
0030222 ToLEDo Lynx D 770LM G24D 840 SL
0030223 ToLEDo Lynx D 1100LM G24D 840 SL

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