Specifier: Lighting is an integral part of every residential property and can have a massive impact on making a house a home. For property developers and house-builders looking for a range of lighting solutions, Feilo Sylvania has the answer.  Choosing appropriate lighting is of utmost importance for today’s homes.  Good lighting can bring warmth to a sitting room, function to a kitchen and productivity to a study; it has a simple yet powerful effect on the interior and exterior of a property.

Consumer: It’s well known that consumers find choosing lamps confusing; what bulb type do they need and what technology should they use? At Sylvania, we offer more to retailers than just innovative products – it’s the way we split our products into helpful categories that stands us out against our competitors. Our years of lighting experience means we understand how a person shops in store and can help you guide consumers through the numerous options. With leading DIY, department stores, convenience stores and high street retailers across the world, you can trust Sylvania to be your partner. For more information, download our catalogue.

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