Environmental Policy

Committed to improving energy efficiency and the environment

Feilo Sylvania is dedicated to a number of initiatives, including the reduction of CO2 emissions by developing and manufacturing energy-efficient products, the improvement of environmental protection through better waste management and by offering profitable solutions to the market by providing better efficiency, sustainability and longer product life. Sylvania Lamps develops and manufactures compact, energy efficient lamps whilst the various fixture brands within Feilo Sylvania produce reduced fixture sizes featuring longer lamp life and reduced energy consumption.

Manufacturing & Operations - Newhaven Plant

Our environmental analysis has shown that our plant does not generate high environmental risks. Nevertheless, our ecological footprint can be improved by a good optimization of the transports, by the control of our energy consumptions as well as an even better management of the waste.

The focus has been on the costs of non-quality and now brings us to work on waste, scrap and obsolete.

We are considering ISO 50001 (Energy Management) certification, and are constantly seeking to meet the criteria to meet our compliance obligations related to our administrative situation of classified installation for environmental protection.

Product Development & Lighting Design

Our products are designed to support energy efficient schemes and to reduce energy consumption in buildings. We use lightweight, compact, electronic gear, which is up to 30% more efficient than standard gear. Our continued development of single source multi-functional and directional luminaries reduces energy consumption by replacing the need for a secondary light source or installation.

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