Leadership team Opens Sylvania’s New Global Headquarters in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest,  Hungary (13  September  2017): Sylvania,  a  world leading  lighting  solutions  provider,  is pleased to announce the opening of its new global head office in Budapest, Hungary. The facility will be  the  hub for worldwide operations  for  the  company  with its manufacturing  base  remaining  at  its state-of-the-art  facility  in  Shanghai.  Budapest benefits  from  many  important  strategic  links  for  a global  business,  and  combined  with  the  forward-thinking  policies of  the Hungarian  government, means that Sylvania joins an increasing trend of multinational companies relocating to what is one of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful cities. The new  office was jointly opened on 13  September 2017 by Mr Zhuang  ShenAn, Chairman of Feilo Sylvania and General Manager of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Limited and Christian Schraft, Global CEO of Feilo Sylvania.

Speaking  at  the  event, Mr  Zhuang  ShenAn commented: “We  wanted  to  invest  in  the  right  location and  moving our  global  operations to  Budapest  makes  perfect  sense; it  is  a  wonderful  place  to  do business and having a Central European headquarters, alongside our bases in London and Shanghai, gives  us  a  fully  optimised  international  business structure  for  our  global  operations  both  now,  and for many years into the future.”


Picking  up  on this  point,  Christian  Schraft  was  keen to  stress  that  in  a  fast  moving  industry  such  as lighting, it is important for companies to invest wisely in their infrastructure: “Companies in the modern  world  of  business,  especially  with  some  of  the  well  documented  political  and  economic turbulence we’ve seen recently, need to be agile in how  they  operate  and  respond  to changing market  conditions.  The  lighting  industry  is  fast  moving,  with many new  technologies  bringing  great opportunities for growth.  Our new operational structure puts us in the ideal position to continue to roll  out  our new  solutions-based  approach  that  is  already  finding  favour  in  our  established  and emerging markets. We are delighted so many team members from across our global operation could join  us  in  Budapest  today to celebrate this  new  phase  in  our  company  history  and  look  forward  to continued success with our teams across the globe.”

The  new  office  in  Budapest,  Hungary  marks  an  exciting  new  stage  for  Sylvania  in  its  development from  purely  a lighting  manufacturer  to the complete  solutions  provider.  The  new  headquarters  will allow Sylvania  to  offer  its  customers  the  best  service by responding  to  their  requirements quickly, offering its expertise and knowledge as well as the best possible solution.

The opening of the new Global headquarters links to Sylvania’s reinvigorated  brand  strategy. “Sylvania is a brand with history, expertise and knowledge but it is also synonymous with innovation and change,” comments Paul Harwood, Marketing Director at Feilo Sylvania. “As the company transitions from lighting manufacturer to solutions provider, it is a natural evolution to align it more closely with the forward-looking Sylvania brand. We are  introducing ground-breaking solutions such as  the  SylSmart  smart  lighting  platform  and  the  LOGIC  finance  offering  to  adapt  our  business for future growth.”