The Concord brand is part of Feilo Acoustics Co Ltd and is one of Europe’s most respected Architectural lighting brands for Display Lighting, with strong credentials in Museums, Galleries and Luxury Retail.

With a strong manufacturing base in the UK, Concord is renowned for its strong design ethos, high technical performance and aesthetic form. Concord focuses on bringing lighting solutions to meet the needs of architects, interior and lighting designers.

Concord’s innovative portfolio is one of the most comprehensive on the market, encompassing track and spot, downlights, ambient lighting, recessed and linear solutions for a variety of application segments. Concord provides segment specific lighting application advice; and the entire product range is underpinned by in-house technical expertise, from optical system design through to photometric measurement and testing.


Concord’s heritage stems back to 1968 when 'Powerflood', one of the first display applications of the double-ended linear halogen lamp, took the lighting market by storm, so much so that Luciano Zucchi, design manager of Concord's original parent company Rotaflex, commented 'We don't sell light fittings - we sell lighting'. In the period from 1979-1988 Concord established itself as the brand that knew about lighting.  This period stood out for many due to Janet Turner - 'A doyenne of the lighting industry.' Janet was Design Director of Concord Lighting for a period of 20 years. Under her leadership and guidance, the then High Holborn (London) showroom became a networking hub for senior designers and architects, many of whom are still well known today for their London based practices.

Concord’s best in class range of LED luminaires have won many prestigious design awards and industry accolades in recent years. During 2011 the Beacon Muse won 3 lighting industry awards mandating a 'clean sweep' and expert endorsement for a high performance and beautiful product. Our Stadium spotlight in 2010 won the prestigious Red Dot award. Moving to more recent times  Concord Glace has won the Best Interior Luminaire at the Lighting Design Awards and been a finalist at the Lux Awards and the FX Awards, all cementing Concord as the brand of choice for the Specification lighting sector. 

History of Concord

1964 - Floated on the London Stock Exchange

1965 - Concord had a registered patent on the term 'downlighter', which lasted from 1966 - 2006

1972 - Won the Queens Award to Industry for Export Achievement

1979 - A unique range of down lighters called 'Quill' was designed for the Terrance Conran Group

1990 - Concord was sold off and integrated into Sylvania International

1992 - Terrence Woodgate designed 'milestone' light fittings in the form of LED 100 and LED 150 compact fluorescent down lights (the shallowest luminaires on the market)

1998 - Torus 100 launched, and became the luminaire of choice for museums and retail display

2000 - Marlin and Concord merged to form Concord Marlin

2007 - Concord's parent company SLI was sold to Havells - the Indian electrical engineering group forming Havells Sylvania

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