• ToLEDo™ G9, G4 and GY6.35 capsules are energy efficient retrofit replacements for traditional AC 220-240V and 12V AC/DC halogen capsules. Ideal for chandeliers, interior display lighting, shop windows, task lighting, decorative luminaires, restaurants, hotels etc.
    • Suitable for chandeliers, interior display, shop windows, decorative and general lighting applications
    • 15,000 hours average rated life
    • 3 years warranty
    • Omni-directional light distribution
    • Bright and sparkling light output
    • 12V AC/DC low voltage ToLEDo™ G4 and GY6.35 capsules are available in non-dimmable version and work with magnetic and compatible electronic transformers
    • 220-240V main voltage ToLEDo™ G9 capsules are available in dimmable and non-dimmable versions. ToLEDo™ G9 dimmable works compatible dimmers

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