• The Start Flex and the Start eco Flex is the comprehensive family of LED strips for indoor and outdoor use
    • The range is available in low lumen output (2850lm per 5m) and high lumen output (11 750lm per 5m), RGB and RGBW versions
    • SDCM≤3 provides uniform light over 5m length
    • 1000mm flying lead to connect to driver
    • High output versions need to be used with any aluminium profile for cooling LED chips purpose and therefore assuring longer lifetime ( Profile HO Surface 16 0022604 can be used)
    • All come as 5M reel as standard
    • All come with 3M adhesive tape, mounting clips and end caps
    • Available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and RGB & RGBW version
    • IP20, IP65 &IP67 ratings, with the IP65 for bathrooms and kitchen and white IP67 suitable for outdoor use
    • The choice of different versions will meet your requirements if you need the kitchen light or facade lighting

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