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Gro-Lux® LED Linear is the most advanced plant light solution available on the market today and has been built with the professional grower in mind.  What makes this product unique is the plant-specific full spectrum emitted by the LED which ensures superior results in all stages of growth and bloom.

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Horticultural and technical expertise combined

Most companies want to build a spectrum that brings similar growth results as the sun does. We believe that it is possible to design a spectrum that brings a better growth result than sunlight.

The Gro-Lux® LED Linear is manufactured in our UK factory and uses only the highest quality components to ensure advanced product performance, even in the most challenging of conditions.

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Quality of Light

Gro-Lux LED FullSpectrum+ delivers a plant-specific full spectrum; this means it delivers not only light over the whole PAR spectrum but also beyond the boundaries of PAR lighting.

Numerous tests proved that not only the existence of certain wavelengths are crucial for plant growth and flowering - but also the ratio between the given wavelengths. Gro-Lux® LED FullSpectrum+ has the right proportions of needed wavelengths which allows the grower to use only one spectrum during the whole grow.

What are the benefits of Gro-Lux LED Linear?

  • Higher Plant YieldsLED modules with two spectrum types and dimmability to meet your specific plant care needs
  • Flexible Modular and upgradable system which can be connected in a series and used with smart lighting
  • WaterproofIP66 for use in all greenhouse conditions
  • Easy installation Push and Click system
  • Cost-Efficient Saving time and energy
  • Flexibility via the modular system. Different frame, module, and accessory options
  • Two types of LED Modules to ensure optimum growing conditions: Vegetative for small plants, photoperiodic lighting or supporting growth phase, and FullSpectrum+ delivering a plant-specific full spectrum (see above for further information)
  • 120° overlapping light sources for maximum reduction of shadowing inside the plant for the highest photosynthetic rate
  • Passive cooling minimises heat generation
  • Through-wiring allows for the connection of up to 6 fixtures in a series
  • IP66 rated - water, dust and dirt resistant
  • Easy installation with the push and click system due to simple electrical and mechanical interfaces
  • Dimmable with a separate controller.  Controllers can communicate with each other via a mesh network
  • 5 Year warranty
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