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We all need to breathe air and consume water. They are two of the most essential things in life. Clean air and water support development and a healthy brain and body function. They make you feel happier, healthier and more energetic.

However what you don’t see can actually harm you. Air, water and surfaces have the ability to spread micro-organisms which can harm our health and our environment, such as viruses (including Coronavirus), bacteria and mould spores.

UV-C technology has been used for almost 80 years in the purification and disinfection of air, water and surfaces. It is a proven way of destroying the DNA or RNA of micro-organisms preventing their replication and effectively deactivating them.

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Sylvania has a long standing history of expertise in the Germicidal business, having introduced its first lamps in the early 1940’s. We have eight decades of experience with UV-C rays for purification and disinfection of air, water and surfaces. Our extensive range of UV-C lamps contains compact and linear fluorescent lamps which efficiently destroy viruses, bacteria, mould spores and other micro-organisms.


The science behind UV-C lighting

The optimum wavelength for the destruction of micro-organism DNA is 265nm. This falls within the UV-C  spectrum (200-280nm) and therefore means that UV-C light is effective for disinfection of air, water and surfaces. The rays destroy the DNA of the micro-organisms thereby preventing the cells from dividing and effectively deactivating them.

UV-C Mercury lamps produce an intense radiation at 254nm and are thus extremely effective in destroying viruses, bacteria and mould spores.

What are the Benefits of UV-C Lighting for Purification and Disinfection?

  • Effective Kills 99.8% of Micro-organisms
  • Extremely Fast Purification time
  • Easy to install, use and maintain Can be used in different application areas
  • Cost-efficient Saving of time and disinfectants
  • Ecological Disinfection Does not use harmful chemicals which may not be biodegradable
  • UV-C mercury lamps remain unparalleled in their efficiency for the destruction of micro-organisms
  • Short wave UV-C rays destroy the DNA or RNA of viruses, bacteria and mould spores stopping their replication
  • Air is easy to purify because it’s quite transparent and UV-C light can penetrate and kill floating micro-organisms
  • Surfaces can be disinfected using high UV-C intensities at close proximity
  • Water can be disinfected by passing through an eradication chamber which uses UV-C lamps
  • UV-C disinfection process of water does not alter its physiochemical composition which means that viruses, bacteria, microbes are removed but without adding any products which may be harmful to health or alter the taste
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Cost-efficient

Application areas


High-touch areas such as shopping trolleys and cash registers have a high risk of transmitting germs

Work Places

Germs can be picked up from phones, keyboards, printers and stationery as well as through the air

Public Transport

Highly crowded public transport systems with low air circulation can lead to transmission of viruses and bacteria through air and surfaces.


One of the most common places to find harmful germs and bacteria

Germicidal Brochure

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A word of caution

  • The radiation from these lamps is very harmful to eyes and skin. Always protect your eyes and skin against radiation
  • Germicidal lamps must only be used in appropriate equipment and applications
  • When using UV-C emitting lamps, the official reference guides and the current industrial guideline must be followed
  • Maximum Permissible Exposure Time (MPET) can be established for a given range of wavelengths.
    For example: 1 minute/day at a distance of 30cm
  • Germicidal lamps emit UV-C radiation and must not be used for general lighting purposes

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