With its wireless technology, sensors and distributed intelligence, Smart Lighting is the backbone of the digital infrastructure of buildings.

By sensing occupancy and natural light levels combined with cutting-edge wireless Bluetooth mesh networking technology, SylSmart luminaires deliver an optimum lighting experience all installed with minimal disruption and programmed with intuitive tools. Lighting across entire buildings can now be fully tailored to users' needs, maximising comfort, increasing productivity and improving occupant well-being as well as providing significant energy savings. Leveraging collected data such as energy usage, occupancy information and more, can be utilised within the larger world of IoT to augment the efficiency of other systems and help drive down operational costs and dramatically cut CO2 emissions.

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SylSmart Standalone

Control driven for smaller applications

Multifunctional & easy to control – our most versatile and convenient lighting control system with plug & play installation, ideal for small scale applications.

"Sylvania helped us to deliver unique and memorable experiences for our visitors by giving us the ability to configure and activate tailored lighting scenes at the touch of a button, all with minimal disruption to museum operation." - Agnieszka Tybus-Bugajska, Deputy director of organization and administration District Museum in Torun


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SylSmart Connected

Building-wide connectivity driven

Modular, scalable, efficient and secure – luminaire integrated control system optimised for multiple interconnected rooms in buildings. For additional IoT services, choose Connected Pro.

"Because the system is plug and play by nature, it allows us to replace devices in a truly short time and also allows us to configure them per room/zone and area. This gives us the major advantage of working in specific phases in buildings, while allowing occupants to continue working. There is therefore minimal disruption to the end-user." - Tino Bracke, Project manager Relighting, Quintiens NV (Veolia Group)


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SylSmart Energy

Driving energy efficiency and decarbonisation strategies

Real time insights & sustainability actions toward Net Zero - an advanced energy monitoring and analytics platform that empowers businesses to take action regarding their carbon emissions and energy consumption. Through the use of in-depth analytics users can identify the gap between their current carbon emissions compared to their target. Set baselines, create milestones and formulate action plans and energy reduction strategies in order to meet those targets.

“The solution delivers on all main aspirations we had: it provides energy saving, was simple to install and intuitive to use” - Wassim CHADLI, Facility Manager at Woluwe Shopping Centre (managed by AG Real Estate)


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