Our Mission, enabled by Digital Solutions

Driven by an unwavering mission to enhance energy efficiency, increase connectivity, promote wellbeing, and improve sustainability, Digital Solutions & Services from Sylvania combines digital-focused consulting services, hosted/managed services, and a wide portfolio of product solutions designed to manage complexity, improve efficiency, assure operating security, and deliver operational excellence.

Introducing Digital Solutions & Services

SylSmart Solutions & 360 Services Pillars


Transformation through innovation

Sylvania has an established reputation for bringing cutting-edge technology and creative innovation together through world-class products, services, and people. Enhancing its capabilities in core lighting disciplines whilst leveraging global expertise in digital solutions has enabled Sylvania to deliver integrated systems, intuitive and insightful tools, and create processes that respond to customers’ needs.

Investments in three Smart Lighting Innovation Centres (SLIC) in the UK, France, and Belgium have enabled Sylvania to develop intelligent products and services capable of helping customers make their own digital transformations. Engaging with industry-leading technical expertise from diverse technology markets through open-innovation partnerships, combined with Sylvania’s research capabilities, diligence, and commitment to pushing boundaries is helping to create new value propositions built on solid foundations.

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