UVC Germicidal T5

    • These lamps consist of a T5 tubular glass envelope and emit more than 85% of their energy in the UVC ultraviolet radiation with a peak at 253.7nm for germicidal action
    • Applications: Residential drinking water units, Stand alone air purifiers, Wall mounted air purification units, Ponds and Aquaria

UVC Germicidal T5 Products:

ProductCode ProductName
0000501 G8W T5
0000507 G11W T5 HO
0002216 G6 T5
0002328 G4W T5
0002329 G4 T5 G5 QUARTZ
0002330 G6 T5 G5 QUARTZ
0002331 G8 T5 G5 QUARTZ

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