The Real Human Centric Lighting

Natural light is vital for our wellbeing, health, and productivity. As our lives have moved more  and more indoors, the idea to reproduce natural light inside became the greatest challenge for lighting companies.

Sylvania LumiNature marks a new era in Human Centric Lighting: it recreates sunlight. LumiNature contributes to your body’s health cycle by helping to regulate physiological responses throughout the day.

Its complete spectral curve, eliminated blue peak and truest colours make it one of the most natural, artificial lights.

Revolutionary, human-tailored light. Designed for better living.

A game-changer in Human Centric Lighting

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  • Zero blue peak, even in cold  color temperatures Our complete spectral curve  with eliminated blue peak  produces a natural, full-spectrum artificial light, that is comfortable, low-glare (UGR <16) and low-flicker (<5%).

  • Excellent colour rendering ideal for many applications Get the most natural and truest colour reproduction in enclosed spaces thanks to our exceptional colour rendering of CRI 97 in all colour temperatures, including the truest reds (R9>90) and no  ultra-violet or infra-red.

  • Dynamic light 100% adapted  to the circadian rhythm Our wireless SylSmart  system enables dimmable, auto-adjusting tunable white  light, that respects the circadian  rhythm of the human body and allows full optimisation and flexibility. Control and convenience are in your hands.

Rich and energising light – the role of melatonin

Melatonin is often referred to as a sleep hormone that regulates our chronobiological rhythms. Furthermore it is an anti-oxidant as well as an anti-aging hormone that can support the fight against cancer. Melatonin is vital to the wellbeing of humans.

Melatonin production is heavily influenced by the right kind of light at the right time of the day which the Sun delivers effortlessly. Too much time under standard artificial light reduces the body’s ability to regulate the level of this unique hormone, that maintains your healthy balance every day.

LumiNature ignites your body’s healthy cycle for improved sleep, stronger productivity, and better health. Working in conjunction with your biological clock, it regulates a beneficial melanopic ratio throughout the day. LumiNature is integrated into our leading luminaires, providing visual comfort, light quality and maximum efficiency.

For the summary of benefits hear from our technical expert.

Application areas

Truest colours for Commercial spaces

  • Showroom / High-end fashion / Retail
  • Cosmetics / Fabrics
  • Printing house / Paint control
  • Food

Our solution
Perfect colour rendering from each colour temperature for the most accurate results mixed with the best light quality for the occupants and workers

Highest productivity for Office & Education

  • Workspaces
  • School classroom / Seminar room / Auditorium
  • Laboratory / Quality control

Our solution
Full spectrum light with tunable white, lighting control, low glare and low flicker to improve during the whole day the occupant comfort, concentration and creativity

Healing light for Medical institutions

  • Hospital / Dentist / Dermatologist / Examination room
  • Elderly house
  • ’Blind office’ (room without daylight)

Our solution
Sun spectrum light for healthy cycle (incl. auto adjusting tuneable light for circadian rhythm) to enhance the correct physiological response, aid recovery and boost mood

Solstice Leaf


  • Sustainable and efficient downlight, available in white housing colour with a silver reflector. All other reflector colours: white, black and gold are available on request.
  • High visual comfort due to the deep reflector design. Low glare (UGR<19) with comfortable ambient light
  • Colour temperature: 2700-6500K (HCL TW version) and 3000K/4000K DALI versions
    High colour rendering LED chips of CRI97 and CRI90


  • LumiNature HCL Tunable White (2700K-6500K), with SylSmart Connected dimmable driver
  • LumiNature 3000K/4000K, with DALI dimmable and with SylSmart Connected dimmable driver

Available in 150mm and 200mm as a recessed luminaire.

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  • High performance architectural modular luminaires with glare-controlled optics- typical UGR<16
  • Full consistent light spectrum withSylSmart Standalone - MR >0.77 @ 4000K, >1.07 @6200K, <0.52 @ 2800K
  • Exceptional illumination - <200cd/m2 @65°
  • Low flickering (<5%)


  • LumiNature 4000K switched, DALI dimmable, SylSmart Standalone & SylSmart Connected enabled
  • LumiNature HCL Tunable White DALI (DT8) dimmable or SylSmart Standalone enabled

Available in recessed, linear, surface, and suspended structures.

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  • A range of architectural downlights for the high-end specification market 
  • LumiNature models available with high colour rendering of CRI97 in Human Centric Lighting Tunable White version (2700K-6500K) equipped with SylSmart SSC driver 
  • Creating an inspirational halo effect, regulated by a unique adjustable optic system which can be positioned freely on the luminaire to choose the best angle for light creation 
  • Using award-winning QuarkStar system of light refraction 


  • LumiNature HCL Tunable White SylSmart Standalone enabled, in Black and White trim versions  

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Gustave Roussy plan web
Gustave Roussy 4

LumiNature Human Centric Lighting at Gustav Roussy Institute, France

  • 100% wireless solution to compensate for the lack of natural light with an unprecedented quality of lighting, reproducing the full solar spectrum and Circadian rhythm adjusted light (by SylSmart Standalone
  • Global turnkey approach, including consultancy, lighting design, customisation and commissioning
  • Each office can be individually configured, in accordance with the ergonomic standards and lighting comfort for indoor workplaces (NF X35-103)

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