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Located in Mechelen, Belgium, the Pitzemburg Campus of Busleyden Atheneum specialises in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Campus Pitzemburg prides itself on its culture of student consultation and respect, encouraging sustainable development in all facets of its operation.

The school is determined to be an excellent learning environment for students, a great place to work and also contribute to global environmental sustainability. Used as a school since 1832, the building itself was constructed in 1794 and features high ceilings, with classroom ceilings up to 4m high and the sports hall’s ceiling at 6m high.

As an associated school of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and a member of ‘Mechelen Klimaatneutraal’, the local organisation dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, Campus Pitzemburg takes its environmental sustainability responsibility seriously. With targets in place to reduce the campus’ CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020, the school set about a review of its energy consumption and infrastructure. To maximise savings and minimise disruption to the building and its occupants, the school turned to Sylvania RANA LED luminaires to upgrade the lighting throughout the school.

As for any public educational establishment long term cost savings was a key objective, and low lifetime maintenance liabilities was high on their list of needs, as well as lower energy usage.

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Key Benefits

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Minimal disruption during installation

SylSmart system is wireless so very little new cabling required in installation, minimising costs and disruption
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Added controllability

SylSmart lets users wirelessly control their luminaires and tailor their lighting surroundings.
Go Pitzenburg Classroom Front 3.jpg

Maximising efficiencies

SylSmart technology detects human presence and natural light levels, adjusting the levels of light emitted and power consumed, to deliver light only where and when it is needed.

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