Syl-Line HSX units have been installed to provide high performance light, reflecting the top of the range sports products found within the south London store.

As part of Decathlon’s expansion programme, a UK based lighting solutions business, Swann Lighting Limited, was appointed to provide a lighting scheme for the Wandsworth store in the Southside Shopping centre. Showcasing cycling, running and outdoor equipment meant the quality of light on the shop floor had
to be good, whilst minimising energy consumption and heat output.

All lighting had to be quick and easy to install, use a trunking backbone system and have the option for integrated emergency lighting and DALI dimming. Feilo Sylvania worked in partnership with Swann Lighting to install a combination of Sylvania Syl-Line HSX units, mounted onto 3.4m Syl-Line trunking, and additional bespoke Swann Lighting luminaires; all installed to deliver impressive light output and fast installation times.

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Key Benefits

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High performance lighting solution

The HSX Syl-Line, on average, offers 50% energy savings versus traditional trunking systems.
Decathlon Wandsworth-16.jpg

High quality of light

The HSX Syl-Line delivers a 6,660lm output on the 72W version
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Quick and Simple Installation

Everything was installation and up and running in a matter of hours

Products Used

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