La Source

Located in the heart of the city of Bouscat, near Bordeaux, the La Source library offers a diverse range of books and multi-media tools as well developing learning programmes about environmentally friendly living and community life targeted to school children and specific audiences. The new building has been designed by architectural firm King Kong to rejuvenate the urban landscape in the area.

Opened in late 2015, this building features a range of materials that create a refined an elegant building. All the interior spaces have been lit using the Sylvania RANA LINEAR LED luminaire, which was selected to match the style of the building’s metal structure. Developed specifically for this project by Sylvania, part of the Feilo Sylvania Group, the luminaires guarantee excellent visual comfort and offer up to 43% energy savings compared to a traditional solution.


Key Benefits

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The RANA LINEAR LED luminaire developed specifically for this project by Sylvania

Energy Savings

The RANA LINEAR LED luminaire offers up to 43% energy savings compared to a traditional solution
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Highlights the Architectural Design

The architect wanted a luminaire that could provide aesthetically pleasing lines of light and emphasize the influence of the metal frame

Products Used

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