The District Museum in Toru´n

Case study

Located in the Ratusz hall of Toru´n, the museum’s 300 m² Grand Hall is home to the country’s largest and most prominent collection of sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth-century bourgeois portraits and coats of arms, ‘The gallery of burgher’s portraits’. Displayed across the hall’s vast pillars between set back windows, the museum needed a flexible lighting system that would enable them to highlight individual paintings or the whole collection for the rising number of high-profile events they were hosting. The lighting scheme upgrade saw the installation of 30 Concord Beacon Muse II LED spotlights and SylSmart Standalone wireless lighting control system.

Agnieszka Tybus-Bugajska, Deputy director of organization and administration District Museum in Toru´n commented; “We wanted an effective, high-quality lighting scheme that provided us with the flexibility to create tailored environments for the display of our portrait collection and ensure a memorable experience for visitors and those that attend our many events throughout the year.

Détail Musée Torun

Key benefits

Torun Case benefits 1

Flexibility to create perfect scenes

Configure and activate tailored lighting scenes at the touch of a button
Torun case benefits 3

Easy to program and re-program

Tailoring contrast, colour, warmth and tone via an intuitive app
Torun Case benefits 2

Minimum disruption and wireless control

Wireless control meaning no new cables helping to protect fabric of historical building

Products Used

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