Case Study

Volvo Showroom in Halle, Belgium

Based on the architect’s plans, the Feilo Sylvania projects team designed the lighting scheme for the different zones of the showroom, offices, workshop as well as the outdoor lighting.

The strikingly modern building has a completely glass façade, made of blue and white sandblasted glass, enhanced at night by the Lumiance Lumistrips mounted on the profiles. A further architectural effect is created by the transparent ‘windows’, offering a preview of the showroom itself.

APP_VOLVO Sterckx Halle_BE_BE_LUM_Ocullo_CON_Ascent150_08_WEB.png

Key Benefits

APP_VOLVO Sterckx Halle_BE_CON_Myriad Square_18_WEB.png

The lighting works with the Building

A fine example of harmony between architecture and lighting
APP_VOLVO Sterckx Halle_BE_SYL_Start Waterproof LED_19_WEB.png

LED fixtures

Provides a functional and energy-efficient lighting solution
APP_VOLVO Sterckx Halle_BE_CON_Ascent150_Beacon XL_12_WEB.png

Highlights the Features

The professional lighting makes the cars stand out, boosts sales and provides a pleasant environment

Products Used

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