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One of the objectives of the management of the housing corporation during the renovation was of course to realise a considerable saving in energy costs. A crucial and necessary step for this was to optimally link the lighting to daylight control and presence detection. Together with installer Electro Willems from Roermond and Rexel, a number of fine product ranges from Sylvania with SylSmart Connected Building technology discretely integrated into them were chosen.

SylSmart Connected Building was selected as it offered a long term, sustainable, adaptive lighting control solution delivering maximum energy efficiency not just today but long into the future.

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Key Benefits

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Maximise Energy Saving

Additional energy savings with daylight control and presence detection on every luminaire
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Occupants comfort optimised with advanced and flexible light controls

More than just light

Autonomous and de-centralised lighting control system with no additional control cables thanks to the wireless communications between devices

Products Used

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