RANA LED Recessed 1200 - SylSmart SSC

    • SylSmart Stand-alone Office compatible
    • Provides perfect uniform light distribution greatly enhancing the lit space
    • Low profile for ease of installation in restricted ceiling voids
    • Two stage optic for optimum comfort and efficiency
    • UGR19 office compliant
    • Enclosed design reduces dust ingress and improves Lumen Maintenance Factor (LMF)
    • Rana LED is perfect for office lighting applications, schools, airports and general lighting applications
    • Available in recessed (600x600, 625x625, 312.5x1250 and 1200x300)
    • Available in warm white (3,000K) and neutral white (4,000K)
    • Energy efficient electronic gear including DALI and 3 hour emergency versions as standard
    • Long lifetime: L90 at 50,000 hours
    • Less maintenance is required due to the long lifetime of 50,000hrs
    • Energy Class: A++, A+, A
    • LED technology provides an energy efficient solution with reduced maintenance costs
    • Comes complete with safety cable

RANA LED Recessed 1200 - SylSmart SSC Products:

ProductCode ProductName Technology Total power consumption (W) Colour temperature (K) Fixture luminous flux (lm)
0052522 RANA LED R 1200 LO 4K LOUV+PRI SSC W GEN2 LED 29 4000 3100
0052527 RANA LED R 1200 HO 4K LOUV+PRI SSC W GEN2 LED 54 4000 6000

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