Mini Continuum II

    • Mini Continuum II provides perfectly clean horizontal and vertical lines of homogenous light with no shadows.
    • Minimalist design based on the Golden mean or ratio; regarded as the secret to aesthetics.
    • Ideal for offices, meeting rooms, corridors, education facilities, museums and libraries.
    • Available with Direct or Direct/Indirect (65/35) distribution.
    • This versatile solution can be recessed, semi-recessed, surface-mounted or suspended; either horizontally or vertically.
    • Trim (with an outside detail for plasterboard ceilings) and Trimless (for a seamless finish) versions are available for recessed installation.
    • DALI versions can be install as standard on/off switchable.
    • Direct/Indirect separate switching via DALI.
    • Easy and rapid installation using the plug and socket arrangement on every linear fixture.
    • Suspended kit versions are pre-wired and supplied complete with end caps and suspension cables.
    • Colour rendering index, Ra80. IR/UV free light source without heat radiation.
    • Long lifetime of 66,000 hours life at 90% of the original output (L90B10).

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