LED T8 Tubes

    • A comprehensive range of high performance, top quality and easy to install LED tubes for replacing the traditional fluorescent T8 lamps.
    • LED tubes, according to driver design and specification, can work with compatible T8 electronic HF ballast, magnetic/CCG ballast and also, suitable for direct mains operation (AC 220-240V)
    • Up to 50,000 hours average rated life
    • ToLEDo™ Superia T8 Universal: works with CCG, ECG and AC 220-240V
    • ToLEDo™ Superia T8 CCG: works with CCG and AC 220-240V
    • Up to 5 years warranty
    • Omni-directional light distribution and wide beam angle
    • Glass construction and metal or polycarbonate end-caps
    • Best-in-class lumen efficacy.
    • Ideal for factories, parking lots, supermarkets, department stores, schools and offices.

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