The quality and style of lighting impacts how we feel. Soft light can make us sleepy, while vibrant, natural light or even the computer's bright screen keep us awake and alert. While these effects are salient for our well-being, they’re even more important when it comes to lighting in education.

Teaching establishments are where ideas are cultivated and young talent is nurtured, requiring lighting that will not only provide adequate light levels but also help with the process of learning. Within schools, colleges and universities concentration is extremely important, and with the right luminaires an increased level of focus can be achieved over a longer period of time. In addition to this, lighting can account for over 50% of the electricity costs in a school building, presenting a great opportunity to bring about instant efficiency improvements.

The importance of quality lighting in schools

With well designed lighting systems one can create an environment that empowers productivity, learning and focus in the classroom. Quality lighting however, not only has a significant impact on focus, but it also contributes to the overall well-being and behaviour in students. In fact, lighting impacts students’ circadian rhythms or the sleep-wake cycles, which should be kept in alignment with natural daylight in order to boost their energy and  concentration levels.

Customised lighting solutions in education

Learning environments require flexible lighting solutions, allowing them to be configured to the exact needs of the space. Sylvania’s  LED lighting luminaires combined with innovative control systems enable us to meet different customer needs. The ultimate goal is to facilitate visual tasks in classrooms and other reading areas which all require sufficient light levels and light control to be comfortable learning environments. In addition,  the high-technology  lighting solutions also contribute to the reduction of unwanted carbon emissions by reducing energy consumption.

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