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LED Shop Lights & Display

The best LED Shop Lights & Display Lights to choose from! Check our supply, choose the best-fitting light for your shop, based on brightness, colour temperature, and wattage.

Why do you need bright LED Shop Lights & Display

Brightness is one of the most important factors of a shop’s interior. Check the brightness rating of the different light bulbs: there are lights from 3000 lumens up to 12000 lumens. For a bright space, you need to divide the total lumens by the shop’s size in square meters. If it’s greater than 200 lux, then it’s good.

Choose the colour temperature (4000K is slightly yellow, while 6500K is slightly blue) and the wattage: a 100 watt light is much brighter than a 50 watt one, but it also consumes more power.

LED tubes last an average 50,000 hours.

Shop Lighting from Sylvania

Switch your old fluorescent lamps to a brighter, more eco-friendly, and power-saving solution. LED Shop Lights are available in different sizes and designs: downlights, panels, free-standing lights, floodlights and a lot more can be found at Sylvania-Lighting!

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