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Lighting is all-important when it comes to creating ambience in a space. It plays a crucial role in enhancing customers’ experiences of a hotel, restaurant, club or bar. Sylvania’s broad range of flexible and energy efficient solutions brings vitality to a venue, enabling staff and guests alike to tailor their environments according to their needs, at the touch of a button.

Our products include all the modern benefits of LED technology such as energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and long-life as well as combining with cutting edge wireless controls to create a truly flexible lighting system. They can be retrofitted easily to contemporise an existing space or be designed into the plans to equip new builds with the latest lighting technologies.

Lighting for all areas of the hotel

As the guests’ experience is at the forefront, it’s vital that the design of the hotel lighting evokes a feeling appropriate for the setting. In addition, we shouldn’t forget that different areas require different lighting solutions. For instance, guests should feel most relaxed and cozy in the bedrooms with soft, comfortable lighting levels. This can be achieved with in various styles - including floor, desk and bedside lamps as well as direct / indirect wall lights and specific bathroom lights - creating just the required atmosphere. The hotel restaurants however need a completely different setting. Here, diners respond to a pleasing and warm design, which highlights the food and creates the right mood for the surroundings. A combination of spotlights  and low level lighting is the ideal choice to give flexibility to light the space in exactly the right way. Receptions, bars, coffee shops - and so on - also serve different functions, so the lighting should be tailored to those unique requirements of the area.

Bespoke lighting solutions

All hospitality businesses from big hotel chains to private guest houses are looking for individual solutions to be able to establish an unforgettable experience for their guests. There’s no doubt that pleasant and balanced lighting can make or break the show. At Sylvania Lighting, we keep that in mind and provide a wide range of products in order to fulfill any specific needs. The innovative, reliable LED lighting technology also guarantees stable, practical and long-term usage.

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