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Logistics and Industry is a demanding sector with strict requirements. Many of the buildings are running 24/7 and need an intelligent lighting solution that’s energy and cost-efficient, low maintenance, as well as sustainable. Sylvania offers solutions to deliver all of this!

Logistics, warehouse and production areas - lighting for complex operations

Choosing the right lighting solution will help address some of the key challenges faced by facility managers today; from reducing maintenance costs, increasing energy efficiency and enhancing productivity through to improving employees safety and overall working conditions. There is a clear argument for the need to switch to an improved lighting system. At Sylvania, we offer efficient, pleasant, flexible, reliable products!


Depth of range for types, lumen packages, and optical alternatives delivering highest possible energy savings


Low glare (UGR), low flicker, high color reproduction for enhanced occupant comfort


Install or modify your lighting at ease, with SylSmart or DALI options easily custom your lighting


Certified (high IP ratings, IFS, D-Mark, ENEC) and built to stand the test of time


From consultancy to end-to-end turnkey project management, we provide a complete 360° solution

Industrial Lighting solution from Sylvania

Meet or be ahead of regulations and in a peace-of-mind service package, so you can enjoy the advantages of state-of-art lighting that is tailored to your very needs.

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5th May 2020
Energy efficiency
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5th May 2020
Emergency lighting
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5th May 2020
Smart technology
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5th May 2020
Innovations in finance

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