When designing an effective lighting scheme in a museum or gallery you must create the perfect environment for the display of artefacts, protect the exhibits and provide a visually comfortable experience for visitors, as well as deliver improved performance and energy and cost savings. Sylvania Lighting has a long and distinguished heritage in museum and gallery lighting and through its Concord spotlight range has built up a strong  loyal following within the sector for over 50 years.

We believe that from creating anticipation on arrival to communicating drama or telling a story within the exhibition space, lighting has a key role to play.

Lighting adds context to exhibits

Museums and galleries are visual experiences. If the lighting is not in line with the exhibition the visitors won’t understand its desired message as lighting shapes the narrative of the exhibition. By using flexible lighting, wide angle spotlights can provide a sense of spaciousness, making visitors step back and see the whole picture, while narrow beam lights can be used to highlight the details and the exceptional qualities of the objects.

As lighting plays a role in how people experience the show it’s our responsibility to steer them in the right direction. Lower light levels are often used to create a more mysterious and intimate mood, which eventually brings the visitors closer to the highlighted artwork.

Artwork preservation

Some artwork such as watercolours, textiles and woods are sensitive to lighting. Clearly, providing information, education and entertainment to the current visitors is essential, but we also have to think about the future generations and deal with the preservation of the artworks. The knowledge behind Sylvania’s Concord branded luminaires in combination with the right fixtures and correct use of those within the museum environment ensure that the exhibited objects retain their original condition. At Sylvania we enable this by reducing the damaging levels of UV and IR wavelengths from the light sources.

Customised lighting systems for museums and galleries

The structure of each museum as well as the exhibited objects are always different, therefore lighting must also vary accordingly. Galleries require flexibility as well, as the exposition changes frequently. Sylvania Lighting we provide a wide range of products as well as the required expertise that will fulfill any special needs.

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