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Office Lighting: from workplaces to living spaces

Offices are a place where people not only work, but live and spend large amounts of time. Creative, Smart, Intelligent and Inspirational lighting is an essential element of office design. With increasingly stringent regulations, higher costs of buying or renting, stricter energy efficiency considerations, and increased focus on the well-being of occupants make its evolution more necessary than ever. Now with remote and flexible working patterns the norm, the modern workplace must adapt accordingly.

Low maintenance LED office lighting

LED office luminaires not only cut energy costs but also provide a functional, productive workplace with a range of available lumen outputs. If you want a bright, lively office, you need to calculate the total lumens required by the office’s size in square meters. If it’s greater than 500 lux, lighting will be bright and vibrant, 300 lux, will give a more relaxed look and feel depending on the required atmosphere. And don’t forget that LED office lighting is now rated for a minimum of 50,000 hours operating life in most cases, meaning almost zero maintenance for over 5 years.

Smart office lighting to save energy and increase flexibility

Smart lighting is the backbone of the digital infrastructure of office buildings. It is wireless and uses sensors to distribute intelligence to all parts of the lighting system. This enables reduced energy usage, while occupancy information can be utilised within the larger world of IoT to provide data aiding the efficiency of other systems such a HVAC and helping drive down operational costs and cut carbon-dioxide emissions of the whole building.

By sensing occupancy and natural light levels combined with cutting-edge wireless Bluetooth mesh networking technology, Smart luminaires deliver an optimum lighting experience all installed with minimal disruption and programmed with intuitive app based tools.

The lighting can be fully customized across the entire building, so office lights can now be locally tailored to users' needs, maximizing comfort, improving productivity, and providing significant energy savings.

Creative light fixtures for the office

With Sylvania Lighting, everything is possible. We have creative lighting solutions for offices, where artificial and natural lights can meet, boosting employee productivity and morale. As the need to reduce our carbon footprint grows, a sustainable building not only contributes to energy savings, but is more than a workplace, it is also a place that needs to respond to many functional needs. Sylvania lighting solutions help to reduce operating and energy costs, improve the sale or rental value of the office, and enhance the performance and productivity of employees, all at the same time.

Due to our modern life, we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors. Sylvania have developed a real Human Centric Lighting (HCL) solution covering the complete

visible light spectrum which includes recreating all the wavelengths of natural light to enhance occupants’ well being whilst working indoors.

Read our case study about the new lighting scheme that complements the natural light entering the building.

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