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Efficiency & Control Fly High at FLYING GROUP

FLYINGGROUP Antwerp, with headquarters at the airport of Antwerp Belgium, has been the reference for private and business flights in the Benelux and France since 1995. The company was looking for a solution for their meeting rooms that were more energy-efficient and visually comfortable at the same time. They also wanted more control over their lighting in different locations in the spaces and implement scene-setting for presentations. The customer had a meeting room with very old 4x18W T8 recessed luminaires and asked for dimmable lighting and a more modern look.

Using SylSmart Standalone, Sylvania delivered energy-efficient Officelyte luminaires with SylSmart integrated wireless controls chosen by the client, which lowered FLYINGGROUP’s energy consumption by 48%. The luminaires with integrated Bluetooth technology and wall switch gave the perfect, easy and flexible lighting solution in the renovated and stylish meeting room next to the hall where the jets are stationed. The switches could be easily added anywhere in the room and required no new wiring, giving the customer a fully controllable, energy-efficient solution with minimal disruption.

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Key benefits

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Dynamic lighting control

Flexible placement of switches & speedy configuration. Easy & dynamic scene setting.
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Quick install & Massive Energy savings

Easy installation without complex caballing. 48% energy saving achieved due to efficient LED lighting combined with smart controls.
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Improved aesthetics

Improved aesthetics by wireless integrated Officelyte luminaires

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