• Recessed Walk over (Fixed) or Drive over (Adjustable) buried uplighter range
    • One fixed and three adjustable size (100 - 260mm)
    • Warm White (3000K) or Neautral White (4000K) colour temperature
    • Clear and Frosted glass options for the XS size
    • Adjustable tilting +/- 30 degrees on either side (S/M/L size)
    • Wide range of operating temperature range (-20 - +45°C)
    • L70B50 lumen maintenance 50,000 hrs
    • Complete with a pre-wired 2m cable
    • Honeycomb and frosted glass accessory for the adjustable versions
    • IP68 plastic junction box or T-shaped connector for LILO capability
    • IP68 linear connector
    • Pressure load 2000kg (~20kN) for S/M/L and 500kg (~5kN) for XS

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