Insaver Slim

    • Insaver Slim is a comprehensive range of downlights with lumens value from 620lm to 4950lm
    • The new, redesigned lenses provide very good uniformity of light, bigger beam angle of 70 degrees and a wide light distribution curve.
    • Insaver Slim offers reduced glare of UGR<19 for lumens up to 3050lm, which makes it perfect for offices, education areas and any other spaces where light comfort is needed
    • The shallow recess depth below 60mm makes it one of the smallest UGR19 compliant fixtures on the market
    • High efficacy: up to 131lm/W brings benefit of even more energy savings while replacing the traditional lights or in any new buildings
    • Available in CRI80 for 150-175-205-225mm cut outs and CRI90 in 205mm cut out
    • Flicker rate less <5%
    • IP44 rating from the front allows for installation in applicable wet zone areas. IP65 version from the front and below Insaver Slim IP65 is suitable for areas needed additional water ingress protection and for use under canopy area.
    • Loop in-Loop out facility with push fit terminal block for quick wiring
    • Emergency pack 0046600 and 0046601 available as accessory
    • DALI versions with Tridonic driver available
    • For ceilings with insulation use Recess box small (3007940) for 9W and 13W downlights and Recess box large (3007950) for downlights of 20W and above
    • The Insaver Slim products have a long lifespan (90,000Hrs L80B20) and 5 year warranty which reduces maintenance cost. PIR, DALI and SylSmart Standalone options are also available

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