• Concord Solstice is a comprehensive downlights family, specially developed for the architectural specification market.
    • It has been developed around a bespoke reflector system which achieves class leading performance and visual comfort - 141lm/W in CRI90 at ambient temperature of 40 C°.​ The product family uses the latest high-efficiency LED chips, which guarantee superior quality and reliability.
    • Thanks to the deep and floating reflector design, Concord Solstice has low glare light of UGR<19 for lumens lower than 2400lm with wide light distribution and beam angle of approximately 70 degrees.
    • Solstice provides comfortable light with luminance level at 65 degrees below 300 cd/m2 for lumens <2400lm and below 1000 cd/m2 for lumens <6050lm.
    • With its minimalistic, yet distinguishable aesthetics, Concord Solstice offers a wide range of lighting design options in different sizes and shapes.
    • The Concord Solstice product family has an eco-friendly design, developed on a common light engine platform which incorporates a custom heatsink and optical system
    • Ranging in body sizes from 150mm to 250mm cut out and from 1200lm to high performing 6000lm, the Concord Solstice family offers specifiers a broad range of lighting tools from one shared platform.
    • All versions of Concord Solstice can be controlled with either DALI (push-dim) drivers as standard or with SylSmart drivers (SylSmart Standalone or SylSmart Connected with external sensor)​
    • Emergency pack 0046600 and 0046601 available as accessory

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