Innovative downlight with halo effects

In many aspects Concord Equinox is shaking up the understanding of a downlight, all while ensuring perfect lighting quality. 

Concord Equinox is an elegant and innovative luminaire designed using the latest optical technology. It is a high quality and efficient lighting solution for office, hospitality, and retail environments. 

This unique range redefines the current genre of LED downlights, offering an ultra-modern and stylish look to any space. The beautiful luminaire offers trim and trimless design options, low glare and high efficiency for excellent colour rendering.  

The ability to minimise dark ceilings, entirely changing the ambience of a room, whilst beautifully illuminating the space, is unique to Concord Equinox and is a game-changer for the lighting industry. 

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Structuring and embellishing spaces

Two options for adjusting the optic: 

When the optics are non-extended, Concord Equinox has a more discreet appearance and creates a halo closer to the luminaire on the ceiling, embracing it and creating reference points for bringing the space to life.

When the optics are extended, the lit section of Concord Equinox gives the impression of being suspended a few centimetres from the ceiling. The halo projected onto the ceiling stretches from the luminaire like a shadow, reinforcing the idea of levitation.

Equinox technical 2 450X2812

A unique and innovative solution

Using QuarkStar’s award-winning system of light refraction, Equinox provides functional downlighting with simultaneous upper lighting. The halo effect can be regulated with a unique adjustable optic system which helps to create the desirable lighting effect.    

The entire body of the luminaire has a durable design, developed to be perfectly integrated into all types of ceilings or formwork. The setting of the optics can be adjusted with the aid of screws. 

Equinox technical 450X281

Made-to-measure design 

The Concord Equinox downlight, which is made in the United Kingdom, benefits from the know-how of the Sylvania team and throughout production has met the necessary quality requirements. 

The standard design is available in white or black, however the factory can produce any other RAL colour on request. 

At each stage, the production chain integrates quality controls and certification. LDT and IES files, TM-30-15 reports and photometry are created on site. 

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