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London based healthy food-to-go retailer, POD, prides itself on delivering delicious, nutritious, innovative and freshly prepared food. It challenged Sylvania to reinvigorate the lighting scheme at one of its branches as they felt the space was inadequately lit and the company recognised that a new approach and fresh design could make a real difference to visitor experience.

This particular store is located in a challenging building for good lighting due to its glass frontage and lack of space for lit exterior signs. As well as the building design posing difficulties, the existing halogen lighting scheme was not fit for purpose, as Dagmara, the General Manager of POD at the time explains, “We were starting to have a number of maintenance issues with the lighting. It would fail and we’d need to get someone in to fix the problem, which causes disruption to our customers and staff alike. However, more importantly, customers couldn’t see if the store was open even with the lighting on, especially at breakfast time which should be a busy period for us.”

Pod Store Afer-1.png

Key Benefits

Pod Store Afer-8.png

Inviting Environment

The new lighting entices customers into the store and provides a comfortable atmosphere
Pod Store Afer-13.png

Controllable lighting

The new lighting has full scene setting capabilities
Pod Store Afer-9.png

Easy to use and install

The lighting was installed over two nights and staff can easily change the settings

Products Used

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